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University Of Florida UAV Program

The University of Florida has started to fly UAV's near the airpark. Information about the program can be found in the COA Certificate of Operation and the MOA Memorandum of Agreement. Click on the COA and MOA links to learn about the program and our relationship with the University to keep the operations informative and safe for all flying near Melrose Airpark. If you would like to be notified via eMail of their operations please sign up for our UAV notification mailing list here. The University will send out an email to all list members of pending UAV operations.Please check out our Safety Guru's Notice about this activity. The UAV schedules will also be NOTAM'd, Remember to check NOTAMS before your flights.

The University of Florida Unmanned Aircraft Systems Research Program intends to fly low-altitude, below 1,000’ AGL, unmanned photography flights over the Brantley Lakes area in the southeastern portion of the Ordway-Swisher Biological Station. Sign up for our notices here. As usual, The university will be monitoring our airband multicom while on the Ordway-Swisher property, and a NOTAM has been filed with FSS. There have been no changes in our operational protocol; safety of all parties is our primary goal at all times. .

Planning a Flight to Melrose Landing

If you are planning to fly into Melrose Landing Please Notify the Airport Manager Prior to Arrival.  Airport Manager:  Dave  352-475-2870 or email  piper28u@yahoo.com

Melrose Landing is one of Florida's best kept SECRETS!!!!

Up in the sand hills east of Gainesville sits a quiet community with a very nice paved, lighted runway. The long needle pine and turkey oaks hide an abundant deer population and a bunch of pilots and non-pilots. This is a private airstrip, if you are not a member you need to request permission from a member to Fly-In. Take a look at a Flight Guide type chart for the airport.


Our Community

Welcome to Melrose Landing.  We are dedicated in providing Florida's Premier Aviation Community.  Upon your approach into Melrose Landing using runway 5, please use right pattern and using runway 23, please use left pattern.  While flying downwind, you will have a beautiful view of Long Lake to the East and Cue Lake to the west.  Turning on final, you will see all of the beautiful large lots, 100 year old oak trees, towering long needle pines, some palm trees and all of the fine amenities that Melrose Landing has to offer.  Come and take a walk through the nature trail where Florida's Wildlife abounds.   Come forget the stress of the big city and relax in the serene setting of grand estates and a lighted runway. 
     Melrose Landing is the perfect place to land your airplane and taxi to your home - Every airport lot has direct access to airstrip!!  After landing, you can park your plane at your front door and go horseback riding out the back door.  The area is one of those great Florida escapes where you can find any type of wildlife imaginable. Gainesville and The University of Florida are within a 25 minute drive from the airport.
     Melrose Landing offers the finest amenities such as underground electricity, a community dock, community center, and utility storage area.  The runway is 4600' x 150' with the NE 3400' Asphalt and the SW 1200' Turf.   Also, the runway has lights from dusk to dawn for your convenience.  Two acre lots range from $55,000 on up, and five acre lots range from $100,000 on up, depending on location.  Existing homes on a 5 acre lot range from $175,000 and up.  Protective Covenants and Restrictions apply to every lot, and were developed to protect the property owners.

Contact Information

  • Melrose Landing Airstrip Property Owners

Address: MAPOA, P.O. Box 1036. Melrose, FL 32666 or 126 Melrose Landing Drive, Hawthorne, FL 32640
Phone: 352-475-2078

        MAPOA Association eMail: mapoa@windstream.net

  • Melrose Landing Association Management
    • For All Association matters please contact
    • J&L Management of North florida
    • 10592 Balmoral Circle E. #7
    • Jacksonville, FL 32218
    • (904)-683-2569
    • james@jlmgmtnfl.com
  • Melrose Landing Airport

            Airport Manager Phone: 352-234-9285
            Airport Manager eMail:

  • Webmaster

eMail: rmcguire007@hotmail.com

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